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Trapping site 3: France

Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA)

Leading Partner

Sand fly sampling collection

Mainland France

In France’s mainland, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne settled taps in 9 provinces with trapping activities spanning across 11 sites in various cities.

They employ 26 data loggers and 46 traps to gather information. Data loggers record information at hourly intervals. 

Trapping occurs over 2 days each month, from April to November.


In the heart of Corsica island, their efforts extend 96 traps across 6 trapping sites:

  • 3 villages: Francardu, Corte, and Saint Pierre de Venaco, 6 different sites for trapping
  • Traps positioned at 6 different altitudes ranging from 283m to 781m
  • Two positions, internal and external, for each trap

Traps used to catch sand flies

The insects are captured using CDC light traps, which are placed both indoors and outdoors.

Image credits: © J.Sevila/URCA/CLIMOS

Sand fly collection and analysis

Sample processing and morphological analysis involved removing the head, thorax, wings, and genitalia, which were then placed in a drop of ethanol for preparation and direct observation.

Image credits: © J.Sevila/URCA/CLIMOS

Trapping insects

Insects that fall on the traps. They are collected and identified so we can separate the sand flies


Two species of sand flies were identified based on differences observed in the legs, abdomen, and wings. The distinctions were captured in a photo using a binocular magnifier.

Genitalia Ph. sergenti female

We can identify the sex and species of the female sand fly. Photo done by light microscope.​

Genitalia Ph. perniciosus male

We can identify the sex and species of the male sand fly. Photo done by light microscope.


Mainland France

ProvincesSitesCollaboratorsTotal Data LoggersTotal trapsTotal trapped flies
StrasbourgBruno MATHIEU241
BRETAGNERennesFlorence ROBERT-GANGNEUX, Jorian PRUDHOMME24Not surprising 0
OCCITANIEMontpellierAnne-Laure BAÑULS36313
ToulouseEmmanuel LIENARD24Surprisingly 0 à Climate conditions + use of insecticides « Dengue cases”
CORSICA centrumCorteJulie SEVILA & Alessandra FALCHI36
PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZURNicePascal DELAUNAY & Christelle POMARES24Surprisingly 0 àTrapping sites too far from animal life à Expecting additional sampling sites for 2024


6 trapping sites in Corsica centrum:

  • 3 villages: Francardu, Corte, and Saint Pierre de Venaco,
  • 2 traps/village
  • 6 altitudes (283m, 292m, 756m, 781m, 501m, 465m)
  • Two positions, internal and external, for each trap

Total trapping = 96
Positive traps to sand flies = 42,7% (41/96)
Total trapped sand flies = 1000
Nb of males = 640
Nb of females = 360 (including 30 fed females)
Sex Ratio = 1,77

Sand flies speciesNb of specimens (% )
Ph. perniciosus607 (60,7%)
Se. minuta363 (36,3%)
Ph. sergenti7 (0,7%)
Ph. mascittii1 (0,1%)
No identification yet22 (2,2%)