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Exploring Successful R&I in Europe 2024: A Dive into Transdisciplinary Sectors


Last Friday February 16th 2024, in Düsseldorf, a pivotal event unfolded as industry leaders, innovators, and experts convened at the 11th European Networking Event, themed “Successful R&I in Europe 2024.”

For the eleventh time, the conference invited researchers from all over the world to find new research and innovation (R&D) partners for Horizon Europe projects. About 300 participants from more than 20 countries attended the event. It addresses in particular universities and research institutes as well as companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Participants were invited to give a short presentation of ideas and/or results with a focus on Horizon Europe calls, where a budget of approx. € 95.5 billion is available up until 2027.

CLIMOS representative Vladan Gligorijević CEO & Software Engineer at CubexLab, had the privilege to present the CLIMOS Project, highlighting the need to rise awareness of Sand Fly-borne Diseases and advocating for the practical utilisation of Early Warning Systems (EWS) for the benefit of citizens, healthcare Ministries, veterinarians and policy makers among others. 

Vladan contributed as a speaker in the parallel workshop session focused on Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment, expertly organized by ZENIT GmbH.

In his presentation, Vladan also had the opportunity to share the growth trajectory of CubexLab, shedding light on the challenges encountered along the way and the immense potential that SMEs hold for the future. With the invaluable assistance of Andrea Dohle and Agnieszka Kamińska-Świat, he engaged with fellow professionals from similar industries, delving into topics akin to the AgroSpace project and our open lab fields. Together, they delved into discussions aimed at forging potential business partnerships, with a shared goal of advancing technological innovations in transdisciplinary sectors