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CLIMOS rocked at the OGC Data Week


On the 27th of June 2023 Suzana Blesic and Nils Hempelmann rocked at the OGC Data week that took place at Leipzig, Germany, presenting the CLIMOS project.

This presentation was part of the “Data Spaces: Climate” panel, chaired by Nils Hempelmann, and aimed to present concepts, blueprints and technical solutions for data management with climate related topics.

The session took place on the beautiful Ratsplenarsaal, the session agenda was varied, and CLIMOS was very well presented and accompanied by:

  • Johannes Schnell – Projects of 52N – Climate Services using OpenData & Open API Standards
  • Nils Hempelmann (OGC): Climate Intelligence (CLINT project) – AI enhanced Climate Services
  • Timm Drapper (Laubwerk) – 3D visualisation of vegetation
  • Suzana Blesic – CLIMOS – Data for Climate and Health
  • Guy Schumann – Climate resilience information systems – findings of the OGC climate resilience pilot

CLIMOS participation was mainly focused on the kind of data that the project will use regarding the climate and health perspective. More specifically, for the Climate data, the project gave the overview of the data provider, dataset name, type(s) of data units temporal coverage, temporal resolution, spatial coverage, spatial resolution, dates/locations, trapping methods, available output formats, dataset file or folder size, and license restrictions. It was also introduced the health data perspective on vector, pathogen, and human cases data.

Data Week Leipzig was an innovative networking and exchange event that highlights scientific, economic, and social perspectives of data and its use, and where industry, citizens, science, and public authorities can enter into dialogue. Special topics of Data Week Leipzig 2023 was the European Green Deal, NetZero Cities, and sustainable, resilient development. Digital strategies presented and discussed from the European to the local Leipzig City level.

The OGC European Innovation days were also hosted at the same event, and presented across topics such as Data Spaces, The European Green Deal, Urban Platforms, Semantics, FAIR data and services, and some of the numerous EC-funded projects that OGC is involved with, including our amazing CLIMOS Project.

You can know more about the event here: