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CLIMOS disseminated on the biggest innovation and tech event in Europe – VivaTech

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CLIMOS project, represented by Vladan Gligorijević from CubexLab partner, was disseminated and presented on the biggest innovation and tech event in Europe – VivaTech that took place from 14-17.06.2023 in Paris, France. 

 The project dissemination and presentation aimed to share CLIMOS project among various stakeholders and interested parties from government, commercial and public sector. Project objective, scope, and timeline were presented during one-to-one sessions to the government institutions and companies such as European Commission – Innovation Council, Ministry of France, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Amazon, Orange ventures, Veolia, Qonfluens, etc.  

 Additional to that the Climos project was also explained in short terms regarding to its research mission, data collection techniques and as well as the importance of the project itself for the final user. 

 CLIMOS (Climate Monitoring and Decision Support Framework for Sand Fly-borne Diseases Detection and Mitigation with Cost- benefit and Climate-policy Measures), focuses on an important vector-borne diseases transmission system susceptible to climate and environmental changes. It is designed as a consortium comprising a diversity of complementary skills – medical, veterinary and public health professionals, data, climate and environmental scientists, engineers and IT experts, and economists and social scientists.  

 Viva Tech is an annual technology conference and exhibition that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from around the world. The event serves as a platform for showcasing the latest advancements in technology, fostering collaborations, and discussing emerging trends that shape the future of various industries.